Certified diamonds

In Russia, the acquisition by individuals of not enshrined in the jewellery goods of cut precious stones is possible only after passing their certification. In this case, their realization through the retail trade is conducted in the order established for the sale of jewellery with precious stones. Certified diamond - is a stone, that has pasted expertise in the independent gemmological laboratory. Currently there are four such laboratories:
• Moscow and Yakutsk Gemmological certification centres, which are structural units of the Russian State Assay Office
• Gemmological centre of MSU in Moscow
• ICG  International gemmological laboratories
• Certified laboratory under SDEB "Crystal" in the town of Smolensk
Certification of diamonds is conducted in conformity with the technical conditions of TU 117-4.2085-96 "Certified Diamonds", introduced into effect from 01.01.97. Only those diamonds are subject to certification that are made from natural diamond, uninstalled into the frame. The certificate contains information on the diamond on its main parameters such as: cut shape, weight, colour, cleanliness and fluorescence. In addition, main dimensions of diamonds are subject to identification, which are:
• Minimum diameter
• Maximum diameter
• Length and width (for diamonds of fancy cut shapes)
• Total height
• Size of platform
• Height of a crown and pavilion
• A corner of an inclination of sides of a crown and pavilion
• Height of girdle
• Size of calet
The certificate also provides a detailed sketch showing the diamond's internal and external defects. Certified diamonds are placed in transparent plastic packaging, which is sealed in such a way that at the opening of packing it is destroyed. At the imprint after the sealing, a sign of conformity of certification systems cut gemstones is depicted. Inside the package an insert is made with label of the name of the Centre, a sign of conformity systems, the fundamental characteristics of a diamond and numbered certificate. Form of the certificate is printed on stamped A4 paper of blue shade, with dark geometric water marks and other additional elements of protection. Completed certificate is then laminated. The certificate gives a full guarantee of authenticity of embezzled stone characteristics. Currently, the demand for certified stones is increasing, as evidenced by the results of an analysis of sales over the past year. Following the wishes of consumers, we offer a wide range of certified stones and invite all interested parties to cooperate. More detailed information can be received from our experts.