Our product range

The range of diamonds is presented in various forms, dimension-weight groups and quality-colour characteristics. Following the wishes of consumers, we offer a large selection of certified stones, the demand for which increases with each passing year, and invite for cooperation of all interested parties. We are ready to offer customers, goods in any convenient form for them. Our experts will make calibration in diameter, will pick paired stones for jewellery, and make the selection of colour and parameters. In addition "TH Grace-D" accepts applications for diamonds weighing more than 1,00 ct for exclusive jewellery. The existing pricing policy and a flexible system of discounts helps us find suitable conditions for each client.

Coloured stones
Cooperation with a group of companies KARANDANA GEMS, allows "TH Grace-D" to provide their customers with first class rubies and sapphires from Sri Lanka. Our company tries to accommodate the needs of each client, providing a full range of precious stones, of various forms, characteristics and size. Furthermore, we always have emeralds, alexandrite, coloured sapphires, and other gem stones. "TH Grace-D" takes any requests for coloured stones, because for us there is no notion of minimum purchase. Therefore, our customers are both large manufacturers of jewellery as well as private entrepreneurs.

Since 2003 te company "TH Grace-D" is a representative of the company "Heinz Nesper Ltd." (Germany), which is for more than 30 years is one of the leading companies on the European market for the production and import of pearls of all types, sizes and colours. Thanks to our foreign partners, "TH Grace-D", provides its customers a complete range of pearls: Akoya - grown in saline seas off the coast of Japan and China. The size of pearls ranges from the smallest 2 mm, to very rare 10 mm. Pearls of this type - differed by very flat and deep shine. The most popular colour is white and various shades of pink and cream. South Sea - the South Seas pearls. Australia, Indonesia, Philippines - principle places of cultivation of such class pearls. The typical size of 8 to 15 mm. Colour is usually from white to gold. Tahitian - pearls of islands of French Polynesia. The average size of pearls, 10 mm. Different colours from light grey to black, including green magenta. Freshwater - freshwater or river pearls. The main producer country, China. Freshwater pearls can be presented in various forms, sizes and colours. We offer various options for pearl necklaces for every taste, and also take orders for the manufacture of pearl jewellery. For us nothing is impossible, and we are ready to meet the most refined requirements of our customers.