TH Grace-D at the Stage of a Grand Slam of a World series of games on Beach Volleyball.

For the first time in history Russia in the summer of 2008 in Moscow on Poklonnaya Gora there has passed a stage of a Grand Slam of a World series of games SWATCH-FIVB by unique in own way Olympic kind of sports – to Beach Volleyball! "TH Grace-D" was the official sponsor of tournament. Tournament Commands-winners: the USA (men's team) and China (women's team), became owners of a unique prize – diamonds from "Grace". Visitors of tournament also did not remain without attention. The trading house "TH Grace-D" has shown the colourful program with gold figures, in hands at which "diamonds", the barman-show preparation of a cocktail with "diamond" and even delivery of volleyball balls, as a prize to the most sports visitor of tournament became which result sparkled! All visitors were met by girls with original gifts from the "TH Grace-D"! It is possible to tell that on Poklonnaya Gora there was a unification of the fine: a beautiful, fascinating kind of sports and magnificent shine of diamonds.